Poco que decir de este ultimo trabajo.Espero que os guste y escribir alguna critica.:8) Imagen a mas resolucion aqui.
jonathancs.blogcindario.com - 13/Ago/2009, 00:11
The Final Countdown
The Toy DollsMúsica y Letra: Joey TempestLeavin' together,still is farewell.Maybe we'll come backto Earth,who can tell?Guess there is no one to blame,we're leavin' ground,leavin' ground.Will things ever be[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 10/Oct/2008, 16:27
Nellie the Elephant
The Toy DollsMúsica y Letra: Ralph Butler y Peter HartTo Bombaya travelling circus came,they brought an intelligent elephantand Nellie was her name.One dark night,she slipped her iron chain,and off she ran[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 09/Oct/2008, 19:03
She Goes to Finos
The Toy DollsMúsica y Letra: Michael Algar (Olga)Every nightI know that she goes to Finos,and every nightI know that she sees him.Every nightshe holds him tight at Finos,and everynightit's alright for him.[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 08/Oct/2008, 19:10
Dueling Banjos
The Toy Dolls(live in Japan)
muro.blogcindario.com - 07/Oct/2008, 19:09
Livin' la vida loca
The Toy DollsMúsica y Letra: Desmond Child, Robi RosaShe's into Superstition,black cats and voodoo dolls.I feel a premonition,that girl's gonna make make me fall.She's into new sensations,new kicks in cand[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 06/Oct/2008, 23:56
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