Make it Home
Juliana HatfieldHmm... mmm... mmm...Mmm... mmm...Mmm... mmm...Mmm...Deepening night,think on a timeall was bright.Here in this dark place,I see in your faceall is not right.Make it, make your way home,bett[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 16/Oct/2007, 15:30
Sesame Street Theme
Sesame StreetSunny day,sweepin' theclouds away.on my wayto where the air is sweet.Can you tell me how to get,how to get to Sesame Street?Come and play,everything's a-okay.Friendly neighbors there,that's wh[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 14/Oct/2007, 14:14
I wanna be sedated
The RamonesTwenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go,I wanna be sedated.Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh,I wanna be sedated.Get me to the airport,put me on a plane.Hurry, hurry, hurry,before I go insane.I[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 12/Oct/2007, 17:27
Fountain & Fairfax
Afghan WhigsAngel, I'm sober,I got off that stuffjust like you asked me to.Angel, come closerso the stink of your liessinks into my memory.She said, baby,forever, but I don't like to be alone,so don't stay[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 13/Sep/2007, 13:13
Late at Night
Buffalo TomI close my door at night,but they get in all right,and she turns on the light.I held her hands so tight,'cause words don't come out right,and she sees things at night.Me, I'm closer to the door,[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 11/Sep/2007, 10:45
Buffalo TomWatch an eyeball(Watch an eyeball)take a free fall(Take a fall)at the mention of a name.In its socket(In its socket)and like a rocket(And like a rocket)rises just the same.But could my eyelids(B[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 09/Sep/2007, 12:12
Billy PilgrimAnother sleepless night,turn off my light,turn it off.Open my books,take in silence,and wait for the dawn.Lock myself into place,keep the sun off my face.When the morning comestry, try to keep[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 07/Sep/2007, 16:29
What is Love?
HaddawayWhat is love?Baby, don't hurt me,don't hurt me,no more.Baby, don't hurt me,don't hurt me,no more.What is love?Yeah!I don't knowwhy you're not fair.I give you my lovebut you don't care.So what is ri[...]
muro.blogcindario.com - 20/Ago/2007, 12:00
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