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Allegro 4.4 PSP
New Allegro 4.4 PSP: Updated to the official Allegro 4.4 SVN Rev. 13323. Migrated to the Cmake build system. Supported the loadpng and the jpgalleg addons. All the Allegro examples and demos are build as .[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 21/May/2010, 20:16
Conny Carrot - Quest for Revenge PSP
Conny Carrot - Quest for Revenge is a cute jump'n'run game by Simon Parzer made with Allegro and DUMB in about 8 days!As the author says (and I agree): it's worth playing. This is the PSP port based on the[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 27/Ene/2009, 21:32
DUMB (Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque) is an Impulse Tracker (IT), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker 2 (XM) and Amiga Module (MOD) player library developed by Ben Davis, Robert J Ohannessian and Ju[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 25/Ene/2009, 20:31
New Allegro 4.3.10plus PSP version
New Allegro 4.3.10plus PSP version with some fixes and additions: Updated to the official Allegro 4.3.10plus SVN Rev. 11485 Fixed a problem in the FLIC module. Now the intro video of the Allegro shooter de[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 25/Ene/2009, 15:15
Allegro PSP final user version
Finally the long awaited Allegro PSP port is finished! ;-) It's based on the 4.3.10plus Allegro version. It's near complete and ready to use for the final programmer.Now you can program your PSP applicatio[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 20/Ene/2009, 13:07
Allegro PSP WIP
Good news about Allegro PSP,The library is almost totally ported to the PSP console. The latest additions are: Support for 8 bpp mode. The PSP don't support natively this mode. To implement this color dept[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 13/Dic/2008, 13:43
Allegro PSP alpha version
I began this summer to port the Allegro library to the Sony PSP.Allegro is a free, popular game programming library with support for other platforms like DOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS X, GP32X, Nintendo DS an[...]
diedel.blogcindario.com - 20/Oct/2008, 02:04
Las cuatro estaciones de Vivaldi. Primavera. Allegro. Partitura
Get this widget | Track details |eSnips Social DNA Una partitura para principiantes, nivel elemental, en la tonalidad de mi. Primera parte de este concierto de vivaldi de las 4 estaciones. Tiempo de allegr[...]
bach2411111.blogcindario.com - 16/Sep/2007, 21:04
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