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Du hast - Rammstein (1997)
Hey you!Wake up! It's the time of metal in order to shake off the drowsiness. From one of his first albums, a song that fits into what is industrial metal, something that this group has become skilled. The[...]
alfiradio.blogcindario.com - 08/May/2014, 02:15
I'm a tree - Imani Coppola (1997)
Nice memories come back to me with this song, especially with the sample playing over the 3 minutes and some seconds long, and the amusing violins... From her debut album "Chupacabra" (it was a cool word a[...]
alfiradio.blogcindario.com - 17/Feb/2014, 04:01
Remake de 1997 Rescate en Nueva York
El director de “La Jungla 4”, “Underworld” y “Underworld Evolution”, Len Wiseman, será el responsable de dirigir el remake de la mítica película de John Carpenter. Aunque las negociaciones aun no están cer[...]
elrinconoscuro.blogcindario.com - 25/Sep/2007, 15:53
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