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En la orilla del mar - La Sonora Matancera (1958)
La Sonora Matancera was one of the most epic Cuban groups of the pre-Castro era, and this time sings Bienvenido Granda, one of its most iconic singers; he used to be called "the mustache that sings", for o[...]
alfiradio.blogcindario.com - 08/Mar/2014, 22:02
El hombre invisible
Reparto Photo Tim Turner ... Dr. Peter Brady Paul Stassino ... Sardi Charles Hill ... Arosa Photo Louise Allbritton ... Zena Fleming Photo James Booth ... Ali Bruce Seton ... Cnel. Grahame Lawrence Taylor [...]
elrinconoscuro.blogcindario.com - 15/Sep/2007, 17:48
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