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Join the latest trend on the Internet and create your own BLOG!

A blog is a website that is automatically generated without any knowledge of HTML language. It allows its user (also known as weblogger or blogger) to write his/her personal notes, news, articles, always in a chronological way, as a private diary..

Service features

Almost unlimited articles.
(up to 50,000 articles supported on each blog)

Multiple contributors. The blog creator may insert articles and you may also define up to 30 contributors, which will help you writing your blog.

Arrange articles by categories. You may create up to 50 different categories.

Possibility to turn your contributors into administrators, what will give them the chance to write articles and manage the blog as if it were theirs.

Advanced template system, which allows you to customize every blog property, translate it to different languages, favorite templates, create public templates so that other users may use them directly, etc.

CSS style sheet editor, as part of the customized template or separately

Possibility to use our template generator if you have no knowledge of HTML. Customize all the properties of your template: colors, fonts, effects, backgrounds, block order, page width, number of columns, etc. All done in a quick and easy way.

More than 60 customized templates adapted by miarroba.com to be used on your blog

Blog syndication in XML:
RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and ATOM 0.3 formats.

Individual customization of each article: comments, smileys, notification of new comments, etc.

Article preview with the blog design prior to publication so you can check what it will look like

User ban by IP in comments. Avoid unwanted comments from malicious users.

Powerful ANTISPAM filter to avoid automatic creation of blogs, articles or comments.

Link block to add links to other websites. You may define up to 50 links, with hit counters for each link and the possibility to sort the links.

Article search, by title or content. This search can be found in the www.blogcindario.com portal.

Blog hosting on a miarroba.com server whose URL is name.blogcindario.com type.

Possibility to use external hosting by FTP. Thus we may host our blog in any website with FTP access.

Possibility to use any domain of your property hosted in the miarroba.com servers. You may have your blog in www.mydomain.com.

Automatic ping for blogs in the main Spanish and foreign blog directories.

google sitemaps supported for an improved blog indexing on the Google™ search engine

Your blog will become part of the blog search directory of blogcindario.com.

A 10MB private space to host logos, backgrounds, photos that may be used on the blog.

Possibility to insert tagboards, polls, hit counters and miarroba.com online user meters directly on the template, not being necessary to edit it.

Customization of the advertising banner. We can change the size and colors of the advertising banner to attempt to adapt it to our blog design